Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Abraham Lincoln Issue #4

You're highly entertaining, Abe--hilarious and lyrically dense at times; at others, merely amusing. (Rarer still, flatly ironic.) I like a journal low on production cost but still attractive, with the focus squarely placed on the poetry. I'm a little wary of the similarity of voice inside you, as if the poets solicited wrote their pieces with an aim to please you. I've read other work by Sandra Simonds for example and it sounds a little different from the work of hers featured in here. Is it legitimate to criticize you for Orville Redenbachering? ("Do one thing and do it better than anyone else.") Perhaps not.

Highlights: Mel Nichols' pantoum, "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman"; Jennifer Garcia's "B=R=E=A=T=H+E"; Elizabeth Bachinsky's "Bonus!"; Kendra Grant Malone's "It Meant the World to Me Really"; and of course, PANEL's "The Unknown Flarfist".

"I have a rule about putting Scooby's doo on my tongue
to which I rarely make exceptions." -Mel Nichols

"...Where did all
these fucking trees come from?" - Jennifer Garcia

"Music makes you feel things, and
poop." - Jennifer Garcia

"I saw you behind the cake's largest whitecap." - Sandra Simonds

"...the stars in the arms of the trees." - Sharon Mesmer

"Crap on eagles. Crap on them all." - Bruce Andrews

"Actually the Harpy Eagle is just giving the sloth transport to another part of the rainforest. The sloth just climbed up that limb so the eagle could get to him easier, kinda like hailing for a taxi cab." - Bruce Andrews

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