Saturday, April 11, 2009

To the Dublin Review, RE: Issue #34

You are worth every single shilling it takes to get you across the ocean and into my garage in Miami. I may even--and I so rarely do this--renew my subscription.

"As I'm leaving the poetry reading a colleague tells me that I have the air of someone always about to leave. Which strikes me as possibly being true. It's maybe the beard. And the pockets stuffed with books and sweets, and pens. And the little suitcase. And the overcoat."
-Ian Sansom, "Diary of 2008"

abibliophobia - "fear of running out of books"

"The Greek word skandalizein comes from a verb that means "to limp." What does a lame person resemble? To someone following a person limping it appears that the person continually collides with his or her own shadow."
-from Rene Girard's "I See Satan Fall Like Lightning", quoted by Sansom

"Ice cream is a good indicator of happiness."

"I have forgotten to cancel the milk."
-Ian Sansom [They still have milk delivered in Northern Ireland - Ed.]

Thursday 21 August: Daughter says, apropos of nothing, 'I have a fagina.' Younger son, inspired by the Olympics, stands on chair with pants and trousers off and says, 'The Willy Olympics!'
-Ian Sansom

"For me, a signal frustration in trying to read Kafka with college students is that it is next to impossible to get them to see that Kafka is funny. Nor to appreciate the way funniness is bound up with the power of his stories. Because, of course, great short stories and great jokes have a lot in common. Both depend on what communications theorists sometimes call exfomation, which is a certain quantity of vital information removed from but evoked by a communication in such a way as to cause a kind of explosion of associative connections within the recipient. This is probably why the effect of both short stories and jokes often feels sudden and percussive, like the venting of a long-stuck valve."
-David Foster Wallace, quoted by Ian Sansom

This poem can name only ten
famous Belgians--Herge, Simenon,
Jacques Brel, Django Reinhardt,
Eddie Merckx, Magritte,
Audrey Hepburn, Kim Clijsters,
Justine Henin, and Adolphe Sax...
-Ian Sansom

"Younger son says, on going to bed, 'I'm having puberty early.' He's 9."

BTW: 3/4 of the way down with "2666". Can see the finish line...

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